Service Charges and Fees

First Neighbor’s service charges and fee structure.

Table representing services provided by First Neighbor Bank and the fees associated with each service.
Service Charge/Fee
Ameren Illinois Bill Payment $1.25
ATM Foreign Card Fee – All ATMs EXCEPT Cross County Mall, Mattoon Location $3.00
  Cross County Mall, Mattoon Location ATM Foreign Card Fee $4.00
  Debit Card Daily Maximums: ATM = $500.00; POS = $1,000.00  
Account Balancing Assistance $10.00 per hour
  $10.00 minimum
Account Research $20.00 per hour
  $10.00 minimum
Canadian Check Cashing $20.00 per check
Checks Printing $1.00 per sheet
Coin Machine Fee for Non-Customers – Under $100 $2.00
  Over $100 – 2% of Amount (Amount x .02 = Fee)
Debit Card Replacement $20.00
Deposited Checks and Other Items Returned Unpaid $5.00
Dormant Account $5.00
This fee is charged each month. An account is dormant if no deposits or withdrawals have been made in 12 months.
Fax (incoming and outgoing) $3.00 per page
Foreign Currency Exchange to U.S. Currency $25.00
  Does not include postal fee for insuring the currency. There is no charge for the purchase of foreign currency.
Garnishments $75.00
Levies $75.00
License Registration/Title Work (Secretary of State also has a fee) $20.00
License Stickers (Secretary of State also has a fee) $6.00
Money Order $3.00
  Money Order for MyLife Checking Member Regular Checking Free
Night Drop Bags with lock $10.00
Night Drop Bags with no lock $5.00
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) $30.00 for each item
Overdraft $30.00 for each item
Photocopies $0.25 per copy
  Photocopies for MyLife Checking Member Free
Safe Deposit Box Closing With Only One Key $75.00
Safe Deposit Box Drilling $150.00
Safe Deposit Box Late Fee $5.00/per month
Snap Statement (Waived for MyLife customers.) $2.00
Statement CD (up to 12 months added to same CD) $20.00 (per CD)
  (Each additional 12 months added to same CD) $5.00 (per Year)
Stop Payments (all items) $30.00
  Stop Payment for MyLife Member (one per month) $25.00
Termination Fee of Checking & Savings Accounts Closed within 90 days of opening date $15.00
Wire Transfer Domestic (outgoing) $30.00
Wire Transfer Foreign (outgoing) $75.00