First Neighbor Bank History

First Neighbor’s historical timeline.

First Neighbor Bank, NA was established in 1890 and originally named “Willis Brothers Bank.”


In 1900 a charter was secured and the bank was renamed “The First National Bank of Toledo” with capital being $40,000.00. Following the bank moratorium imposed by the United States presidential order in 1933 the bank reopened as “The First National Bank in Toledo.”


In 1991, First Neighbor Bank in Toledo formed a bank holding company called “First Neighborhood Bancshares, Inc.”


During the 1990’s the company expanded by purchasing and converting existing banks into branches in the nearby communities of Greenup, Newman, Casey and Charleston.


In 1997 an Employee Stock Ownership Plan “ESOP” was established as a benefit for the employees.


In 1998 First Neighborhood Bancshares, Inc. purchased its first accounting office in Casey. In 2001 First Neighborhood Bancshares, Inc. continued to grow with the addition of a branch in Neoga.


Toledo and its five branches officially changed their names to First Neighbor Bank, N.A. on May 1, 2004, to help signify the true identity of the company and its philosophy.


First Neighbor expanded their tax and accounting division with the addition of First Neighbor Tax and Accounting in Charleston in 2009.


In December 2012, First Neighbor Bank opened a branch at the Cross County Mall in Mattoon, Illinois. Remodeling/construction started as well on the permanent facility in Mattoon which is located east of the Cross County Mall on Broadway Avenue. In May 2014, the permanent facility opened and the Cross County Mall location was closed.


In December 2013, First Neighbor Bank continued its growth with the purchase of its third accounting office in Neoga.


2018 proved to be another year of growth as First Neighbor opened the eighth bank facility in Paris, Illinois in December.


First Neighbor Bank, N.A. is proud to be in your communities, owned and operated by your neighbors and working together to serve you.